söndag, september 13


I was asked on Instagram, if I would show my garden in 7 pic for 7 days.
It made me realise that I have to do something quick with
plants like this one. I have to put them into the soil so they will survive the winter.
I also noticed that many of my autumn plants are pink flowered,
this is a astrantia.

But I´am also fond of the yellow ones, shining up like little suns, waving in the breeze.

Love the japanese lantern, reminds me of halloween pumpkins,
in a wink of an eye , we will be there.

Every summer I'll just buy a pair of petunias, although I think they smell like stables. They thrive just fine as long as they are allowed to stay under the awning, but with too much sun, they dries quickly, and can easily end up like this. But decay can look really neat. Well, in a picture anyway.
The Russian thistle has the nicest colour of blue, and together with
the brown color of the leaves, it really glows.
In the middle of the gravel is lavender. 
I love the smell and how the leaves are almost gray. 
Over and out, have a nice Sunday everyone! 

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